Nuvifone A10

Garmin Asus Nuvifone A10

The nüvifone A10 smartphone combines the versatility of the Android™ platform with Garmin’s GPS location technology, bringing people and places together — whether used inside or out, while walking or driving. Sleek and stylish, the user-friendly nüvifone A10 is designed to connect you to the world around you while you’re on the move.

The progeny of parents Garmin and Asus Computer Inc., the Nuvifone A10 is making its mark in the tech world.  It is a Smartphone with the conveniences to which we’ve become accustomed and then some.  Its developers used the Android platform to optimize it for pedestrians, making it an invaluable resource, especially when you find yourself in dense, heavily populated cities where walking is the most logical mode of transportation.  Or perhaps you are vacationing and want to be sure you don’t miss anything, so you take to the local streets, walkways, trails, etc.  Whatever your reason, the Nuvifone A10 is a companion you’ll always want to carry with you.

Garmin Asus nuvifone A10


Networks: HSPA DL: 7.2 Mbps; UMTS 2100/900 EDGE/GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Platform: Android 1.6 Enhanced
CPU: Qualcomm 7227 600MHz
Memory: 512MB SDRAM+512MB SLC + 4G eMMC Flash
Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, WLAN 802.11b/g, USB v2.0
GPS: Qualcomm GPSOne G7 (Assisted GPS, Aided GPS and standalone GPS supported)
Display: 3.2″ HVGA TFT with capacitive touch
Camera: 5 Mega-Pixel, Auto Focus
Battery: 1500mAh Lithium
Standby Time: Up to 25 days
Talk Time: Up to 8 hours
Expansion Slot: micro-SD (support SDHC)
Browser: HTTP / WAP 2.0, WebKit browser
Messaging: SMS / MMS / Email /Exchange Push E-mail
Video: Video Playback: MPEG4, H.264, H.263, WMV Video Recording: MPEG4 & H.263 with audio via AMR-NB
Phone Applications:
  • Addresses embedded in calendar, email, messaging
  • POI with location tagging
  • Pedestrian navigation
  • Full EU map with lane guidance and junction view
  • Powered-audio car mount
  • LBS (Traffic, Fuel Prices)
  • Predictive Text Input
  • HAC compatible
  • Voice search

Stay Connected

The nüvifone A10 is easy to customize to fit your needs. In addition to the apps available from Android Market, you’ll also have access to our suite of Connected Services***, which include flight status information, weather forecasts, traffic details, and more. With the nüvifone A10, you’ll have a phone designed for the way you live life.

  • Google Mail in some markets.
  • Voice search capability only available in the U.S. and the United Kingdom.
  • Availability of Connected Services varies by country and coverage areas. Data plan required. Charges vary by market and carrier.

With just one click a user can access Google™, Google Calendar™, Gmail™, YouTube™, Google Talk™, Android™ and Android Market™, are trademarks of Google Inc.



Google’s Android Market

Google’s Android Market – Android Market Provides Better Recommendations


The Android Market isn’t terrible, but it’s certainly been lacking some of the glossy polish that mobile app dell vostro 1500 battery users have come to associate from consuming apps through Apple’s App Store, which has over 300,000 apps.

Google has also been efforting to improve app payment coverage and adding things like app usage analytics and in-application and carrier billing. All of these little things add up to a bigger, better user experience, the logic goes.

To that end, Android Market officials at Google I/O here May 11 said they refreshed its top app charts to target specific countries. The Android steward, which has seen over 300 devices built on the open-source platform, also added top new free, top new paid and top grossing lists on the Android Market home page.

Google added an “editor’s choice” section to the market, which it said are “some of the very best apps available for Android, as chosen by the Android Market staff,” according to Android Market Product Manager Fernando Delgado.

Androit Market

The company also smartened up by celebrating top developers for the Android Market who have chipped in the most popular apps Dell vostro 1520 battery . Initially, the 150 top Android app developers will get a special icon where their name is shown on the Android Market Website.

There is a new trending apps section on the Android Market homepage, which signal apps that are quickly growing in daily installs.

Finally, Google is tightening up its related apps section on the left of the app page in the Market. Users will now see apps frequently browsed by people who viewed this app, and apps that people are inclined to install alongside this app.

This is a good way to expose users to new Acer aspire 5520 battery , yet similar apps that they might enjoy using. Google said the new usability features on the Android Market Webstore will be appear soon in the Android Market app on phones and tablets.

The Android Market tweaks come at a heady time for Google, which just unveiled at Google I/O that the Android Market has topped 4.5 billion downloads.

Moreover, Google also expanded the number of countries where Android customers can buy apps via the Android Market to 131, up from just 32 to date.

Smart Disk or HDD Player ?

There are uncountable advantages of HDD player. It has a cable attached to it and it works better than any floppy, disk drive or DVD system. HDD players are convenient, easy to use, beneficial, small enough to carry and smart enough to use.

HDD players store any kind of information in it from the computer or any other medium alike. It can also play on your home theatre screens by attaching it to the television and all the stored things will appear on your home television. The size of the file does not matter as it depending upon its capacity; HDD player can easily contain files of the specific size. You can have one big file or few small files. It is all up to you.

HDD Player

HDD player has become quite popular as compared to other storage devices. USB’s are no more used as they cannot store heavy files data. They can only store the data that they are capable of storing whereas HDD players can store up to thousands of files of any size. DVDs and VCDs are no more in use as the HDD player can do the work of these players by showing the stored movies on the television screens of your own house. So there is no need to keep all those CDs and Cassettes that took much of your time and space.

Smart Disk

The data stored in HDD players cannot be lost in any case until and unless the hard disk is attached and the person works on it. It actually costs lesser than other storage media that costs more per megabyte. As far as the advantages are concerned they are too many but people should also take care of the thing they are going to buy. Thus when you buy a HDD player you should realize that it is a very useful item and it deserves care and attention. If the ‘head’ side of the hard disk falls down accidently then it can be dangerous for the disk and can damage its surface which can cause loss of data even. It should be kept away from high temperatures as heat can cause damage to the HDD player. Overall it is worth to have such a storage device to bring your life at ease.

HTC Wildfire S

Why is the HTC Wildfire S so cheap?

In this world of super evolving mobile phone technology no one likes to lag behind on the newer developments. Android phones and smartphones of that caliber are the fad amongst people of all ages, especially students and business persons but not everyone can afford these phones at all times. Hence companies bring in, every now and then, budget smartphones that not only does fit into a common man’s budget but also retains major high-end smartphone features for a complete mobile calling, browsing, gaming, music and camera experience. Android enabled mobile phones have become the top choice for mobile phone users these days. They use Google’s Android operating system allowing users to download large applications from the Google’s Android market.

The latest entrant in the budget Android mobile phones market is the ‘HTC Wildfire S’. It uses the 2.3 Android OS and has 600 MHz Qualcomm processor and comes with a 3.2 inch touch screen. It has Gorilla Glass display and also has dual microphone for noise cancellation. Compared to the other siblings of the Wildfire S, this phone acquires the mid-range smartphone bracket with some compromises in the mobile phone processor horsepower and screen dimensions.

HTC Wildfire S

In terms of the physical appearance, and built-in features like video recording capacity, memory capacity and stand-by time of battery the Wildfire S may not be the best contender amongst the phones of its own breed but it does have some interesting features to offer in the mid-range bracket. The battery standby time is low when compared to most of the gadgets and also it does not have a front facing camera, which makes it cheap compared to other devices. The technical specifications of the Wildfire S may not impress the likes of iPhone 4 or HTC Sensations 4G, but it sure makes up for the technology compromise with its sleek and furbished design. The phone comes in breathtaking hues of stone gray, glamorous purple and sexy black. With rounded edges that makes the corners of the phone smooth to hold, it boasts of a solid overall build. The price of HTC wildfire S is 1/4th of iPhone 4 and half of HTC desire. The wildfire S has almost everything necessary.

With this device surfing the internet has become easier and you can enjoy multi-window browsing. Social network addicts are sure in for a treat with Facebook and Twitter widgets allowing you to stay in touch with your friends and dear ones on the go. With a 5 megapixel camera and features like autofocus, geo-tagging, and LED flash high quality photos aren’t a problem. In fact you can even share them with friends and family instantly. You can see the Facebook updates, Tweets and Flickr photos in the same screen.

Major network providers like the Orange, T-mobile, Vodafone, Virgin Media, O2 and Three in joint collaboration with the manufacturers have come up with Wildfire S deals and have come up with lucrative offers and free gifts. You can get the mobile phones from the marketers once it has been released. This HTC Wildfire S suits for people who are looking for a device at affordable price who are running on money.

Panasonic DMC FZ8

Panasonic DMC FZ8

Panasonic is the world renowned electronic brand that deals in manufacturing of various electronic and imaging gadgets. Panasonic digital cameras have been designed with three basic keywords: Performance, Quality and Elegance. These are the compact package to meet you variety of photography desires and needs. You can choose from the available exclusive collection of the Panasonic digital cameras as per you requirements, preferences and budget flexibility.

Panasonic DMC FZ8

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Panasonic DMC FZ8 is the super zoom camera that features 12x zoom lens and effective 7MP resolution support. The phone looks stunning with sleek and sturdy design. It is easy to pocket with the light-weight and compact body. The manual exposure and focusing controls is breeze. However, the focusing level of the Panasonic DMC FZ8 is above average. The long-lens does well for the wildlife photographers where getting in close to the subject is not possible.

Panasonic DMC FZ8 has got the higher ISO sensitivity that results in good performance even in dull light situations.The pictures look gorgeous with vibrant color contrasts. If you are bothering about the Panasonic DMC FZ8 Price then forget all the worries as it is quite easy on pocket.As compare to the other brands camera price especially from this category Panasonic DMC FZ8 price is quite alluring. The technical features and performance offered for the Panasonic DMC FZ8 are worthwhile. Panasonic DMC FZ8 Review makes you available with the further details of the camera. You easily get know more about the Panasonic DMC FZ8, configurations and overall performance. These Panasonic DMC FZ8 review are easily available on various web portals.

If you are really looking for such reliable source that provide you informative Panasonic DMC FZ8 review, updated Panasonic DMC FZ8 price & details of currently available other Panasonic digital cameras then Visit Naaptol. Here, you will also get available with the plenty of the other products under the flagship of different brands,compare the features and price of the products and enable to avail the benefits of the best online deals with discounts.


Samsung Galaxy S II Vs HTC Sensation

Samsung Galaxy S II Vs HTC Sensation

It is tough to judge both the smart phones as they are better from each other in one or the other way. Samsung Galaxy will be is the winner when it comes to the best mobile hardware while if we take into account for the best software then HTC sensation will be is the leader.
Samsung Galaxy S II offers best clarity and it comes with a Super AMLOED screen which gives you vivid experience while you play games or watch movies. But HTC sensation is just lower than Galaxy S II when it comes to clarity and picture quality. If you are a gaming freak, then Galaxy S II is the right choice. It provides blend of multimedia features and you can play your favorite games or watch movies in its vivid screen.

Samsung Galaxy S II

If you are planning to buy a mobile phone for business needs, then you can buy the HTC Sensation even without a second thought. It is pre installed with Gingerbread version of the Googles OS. It is a 4G smartphone that makes the world into a global village and communication is made simpler and easier through this mobile phone. If you are a smartphone lover who loves to work on the go even while travelling then HTC Sensation is the right choice. With host of features and facilities it has been rumored that the HTC sensation will be the smartphone of the year 2011.
Samsung Galaxys mammoth display is powered with 1.2 GHz like the HTC Sensation. Mobile phone reviewers have said that Samsung Galaxy S II will be more powerful than its previous siblings. Galaxy S II also has various applications for regular usage. It is powered with a dual core processor which can perform any multitasking operations or pull any amount of loads without interruption. Its heart beats at a speed of 1.2 GHz.

HTC Sensation is made with a ground breaking technology and it has more sophisticated features than Samsung Galaxy S II. You can connect with the internet using either HSDPA or Wi-Fi connectivity. Thanks to this technology, data downloading or uploading can be done at lightning speeds.

HTC Sensation

Samsung Galaxy is slimmer with a thickness of 8.5mm, it makes it easy to be carried anywhere. It also acts as a best companion for travel. But HTC Sensation is 11.3mm and is one of the best smart phones for business needs.

Samsung Galaxy uses NFC technology that enables you to make payments securely without any hassle. Both HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S II have their own pros and cons, so you can choose anyone based upon your requirement.

HTC Desire S

HTC Desire S : Features Of This Handset Is Unique In Itself

The HTC Desire S is the mobile phone that is on everyone’s lips at the moment after HTC announced the launch of this phone as a successor for the incredibly popular HTC Desire. It does not take long to realise that the HTC Desire was the phone that introduced HTC as a proper high-end mobile phone manufacturer. It will be through the HTC Desire S that it will be improving the reputation earned through the predecessor. One cannot expect wholesale changes on the new phone given that the predecessor was already one of the most feature rich. It also seems that HTC has decided to go with no changes with regard to the design as well.

HTC Desire S

As a result, the HTC Desire S will be very similar to the current version, but away with a few added additives to make it attractive nonetheless. The screen size remains the same at 3.7 inches, which is not surprising at all given the fact that the screen was one of the strong points of the predecessor. Most of the features with regard to the display department have remained unchanged, but it is expected to come with the latest version of the HTC Sense user interface. The major changes with regard to the looks of the phone will be the added front facing camera, which was missing in the previous phone.

HTC Desire S

The HTC Desire S will offer the option of expanding memory to up to 32 GB, which is the prerequisite for any phone offering extreme entertainment. It certainly the case in the HTC Desire S, which has entertainment options ranging from the incredibly supportive inbuilt media player to the excellent camera. This excellent camera is actually a five megapixel autofocus unit, which is also provided with the LED flash option to take images even in darkness. The other options with regard to the camera in the HTC Desire S will certainly include the 720 p HD video recording, but it is really the secondary VGA camera that steals the show with regard to the imaging department in the HTC Desire S. The HTC Desire S will be having the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. This option will be available as standard, with the option of having the 2.4 version of the Android operating system a possibility. The HTC Desire S will be offering the 1450 mAh battery, which is predicted to give around 10 hours of talk time. If this prediction actually turns out to be true, then one could be having the best of both worlds with the ability to enjoy all the entertainment features without having to charge the phone every now and then. The HTC Desire S will also be available with stereo FM that has the RDS support. The HTC Desire S will offer various forms of social networking integration as well.