HTC Wildfire S

Why is the HTC Wildfire S so cheap?

In this world of super evolving mobile phone technology no one likes to lag behind on the newer developments. Android phones and smartphones of that caliber are the fad amongst people of all ages, especially students and business persons but not everyone can afford these phones at all times. Hence companies bring in, every now and then, budget smartphones that not only does fit into a common man’s budget but also retains major high-end smartphone features for a complete mobile calling, browsing, gaming, music and camera experience. Android enabled mobile phones have become the top choice for mobile phone users these days. They use Google’s Android operating system allowing users to download large applications from the Google’s Android market.

The latest entrant in the budget Android mobile phones market is the ‘HTC Wildfire S’. It uses the 2.3 Android OS and has 600 MHz Qualcomm processor and comes with a 3.2 inch touch screen. It has Gorilla Glass display and also has dual microphone for noise cancellation. Compared to the other siblings of the Wildfire S, this phone acquires the mid-range smartphone bracket with some compromises in the mobile phone processor horsepower and screen dimensions.

HTC Wildfire S

In terms of the physical appearance, and built-in features like video recording capacity, memory capacity and stand-by time of battery the Wildfire S may not be the best contender amongst the phones of its own breed but it does have some interesting features to offer in the mid-range bracket. The battery standby time is low when compared to most of the gadgets and also it does not have a front facing camera, which makes it cheap compared to other devices. The technical specifications of the Wildfire S may not impress the likes of iPhone 4 or HTC Sensations 4G, but it sure makes up for the technology compromise with its sleek and furbished design. The phone comes in breathtaking hues of stone gray, glamorous purple and sexy black. With rounded edges that makes the corners of the phone smooth to hold, it boasts of a solid overall build. The price of HTC wildfire S is 1/4th of iPhone 4 and half of HTC desire. The wildfire S has almost everything necessary.

With this device surfing the internet has become easier and you can enjoy multi-window browsing. Social network addicts are sure in for a treat with Facebook and Twitter widgets allowing you to stay in touch with your friends and dear ones on the go. With a 5 megapixel camera and features like autofocus, geo-tagging, and LED flash high quality photos aren’t a problem. In fact you can even share them with friends and family instantly. You can see the Facebook updates, Tweets and Flickr photos in the same screen.

Major network providers like the Orange, T-mobile, Vodafone, Virgin Media, O2 and Three in joint collaboration with the manufacturers have come up with Wildfire S deals and have come up with lucrative offers and free gifts. You can get the mobile phones from the marketers once it has been released. This HTC Wildfire S suits for people who are looking for a device at affordable price who are running on money.


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