GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracking Systems May Be Used For Invasion Of Privacy

A network of orbiting geosynchronous satellites enable a GPS tracking system to pinpoint the location of a range of objects and people, with accuracy to within a few feet. As with many technological developments, GPS tracking was first used by the military to find targets and to navigate. Recently, the cost of GPS systems has decreased significantly, and the military has suspended degradations to the signals, thereby making GPS tracking systems available for civilians to utilize.

GPS vehicle tracking systems have been invaluable to companies who need to keep track of their vehicle fleets, while simultaneously allowing their drivers to use the devices to make deliveries more efficiently, and allowing estimation of time of arrival. GPS vehicle tracking systems have also allowed delivery companies to determine the most efficient route for their drivers to take.

GPS Tracking

One of the negatives that has come about more recently is invasion of privacy. As these devices are used more and more frequently in our lives, they will continue to present these challenges. Truck drivers were among the first to be tracked and their movements are now analyzed as well. Spies have long known that GPS tracking can be very effective in tracking the movement of individuals.

GPS has also made significant inroads into the consumer market, allowing individuals to use GPS to lay out waypoints for hikes, set locations for camping or fishing, and allow individuals to navigate in unfamiliar territory. A new form of recreation called “geocaching” has also developed, involving a hide-and-seek game involving a container and a set of latitude and longitude coordinates.

GPS tracking systems have also allowed the development of a new automotive add-on, the in dash GPS receiver allowing consumers to request a location and have the device display or speak directions to the driver, making the paper map obsolete. These devices are already increasing in complexity and adding new features including hotel and restaurant information.

As the cost of GPS tracking systems decreases, it is predictable that their use will only increase. These systems are quite adaptable, and are sure to take the place of old-fashioned maps and guidebooks.


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